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flea at laff #13: madécasse/dosa royal.

snack: madécasse pink pepper & citrus chocolate bar
drink: dosa royal mango lassai

oh hey! what do ya know? the brooklyn flea is back! although i severely neglected it last summer, this summer i've sworn to give it a lot more love. it's like...in the summer of 2010 i gave it its own column & shizz. then in 2011, while i made it to the flea a bunch, i only documented three of my trips. thing was, there came a point where i'd eaten my way through most of the food vendors & there wasn't all that much in terms of new stuff. luckily, this year there are a number of new booths in the mix. bon chovie...after being spurned from your anchovy-based delights twice at the smorgasburg last year, i will not be spurned again this summer. take notice.

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...a few lil' bites.

NOT DEAD! that's right. if you were wondering, with the radio silence that's occurred here at eat!drink!snack! over the past month & a half, whether the blog had finally gone the way of millions of other blogs before it & kicked the bucket, the answer is "no, virginia." NOT DEAD! as i tend to do every year, i burnt myself out on pumpktoberfest & along with the mid-november start of a new job, it just seemed like a good time to take a break in preparation for everything that i have planned for the new year. that's right...i have "things" planned. here are just a few lil' bites...

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the fifty states project #6: CA.

if i've learned one thing from 2 pac & dr dre, it's that california knows how to party, or at least they'll know how to do so in the year 2095. personally, though i've attended a number of rockin' parties in the san fran area in my time, i can't attest to southern california's partying skillz, so i'm just going to have to take their word for it. since the state's got the most people of any in the nation & an economy that's larger than canada's, i suppose that their ability to throw an acceptable party is pretty good. they could get beer from their hundreds of fine craft brewers, wine from their hundreds of fine vineyards & weed from their thousands upon thousands of fine weed proprietors. any cali band except for the red hot chili peppers or green day or blink 182 can provide musical entertainment. if all that cali party awesomeness doesn't do it for you, you can just drive east to vegas to gamble your face off amidst a blur of neon, hookers & adrenochrome.

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swiss this!

back at the beginning of june, amy (the bro's lovely lady friend) travelled to switzerland for a few weeks. while this meant that i got to pooch sit for the weekend, the real benefit was that every time amy goes on a trip, she comes back with treats for me. two years ago, it was a bag o' snacks from nicaragua & this year, it was european-made chocolates. other than cheese or chard, i couldn't think of a more perfect snack to represent the swiss. after all, they are the world's largest consumers of chocolate.

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the fifty states project #4: IN.

have you ever seen the state seal of indiana? it's f'n crazypants! from what i can tell, it depicts a bison fleeing from an axe-wielding maniac. i'm SO jealous. growing up in NH, all we had on our seal was a picture of the richmond, some warship from the revolutionary war. LAME. here in new york, the seal depicts liberty, justice & a river. LAME. bison + axe-wielding maniac = AWESOMESAUCE. with a state seal like that, it must be the best state in the union, right? well...not exactly. i visited the northwest corner of the state just south of chicago a few years back & even though i only saw that one corner of the state, i'm pretty sure it's not the best state in the union. it's got a lot going for it though. i mean, to the untrained eye, indiana is nothing more than sports & corn, but a closer look reveals that it's actually a land with a rich history full of famous events & people & whatnot. you know johnny appleseed? dude wasn't born in indiana, but he totally died a sudden death one day in fort wayne, IN. history!

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