pumpktoberfest #43 -
treat yoself.

spice up yer nuts.

pumpktoberfest 2010!

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les foodtrepreneurs #3: butter & scotch.

today on eat!drink!snack! we have the return of natthelibrarian, who's previously profiled a few nyc businesses here on the blog in her "les foodtrepreneurs" column. this time around, she's got a TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the ladies behind a BRAND NEW EATERY/DRINKERY!

i have some great news! there's an amazing new sweets and booze venture on the horizon and two of the most delicious ladies i know, allison kave and keavy blueher, are behind it. it's butter & scotch, soon to be the first craft cocktail and dessert bar in brooklyn!

both of these of these talented bakers have been profiled here for their individual businesses in the past. i've interviewed allison about first prize pies and keavy about kumquat cupcakery. i've also gone boozin' a time or two with these chicas, and they know their liquor as well as their sweets.

i recently sat down with them over some fancy cocktails on a blustery evening to discuss their new adventure and test one of their dessert prototypes (poor me).

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pumpktoberfest #43 - treat yoself.

film: trick 'r treat
beer: midnight sun brewing T.R.E.A.T.

OMG it's our final horror film-pumpkin beer pairing & our final post of the 2012 pumpktoberfest season! get all the crying out now, dude. there's always next year & we've got things to discuss here, important things like trick 'r treat, a straight-to-dvd horror film that came out back in 2009. it's the only directorial effort from by some guy named michael dougherty, a creepshow-style anthology pic with four different horror-filled stories. unlike creepshow, the stories here are loosely woven together, resulting in a pleasing "ooh, i've seen this stuff before" sort of feeling by the end. each story also includes an appearance from the "sam" character, a tiny, boylike figure who wears a burlap sack over his head.

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a tiny pie on every table.

let it be known: this pumpktoberfest was the most difficult one in recent memory. it wasn't just me. it's been difficult for all of us, a time akin to the life that tiny tim lived in cartoons, one where the sunday holiday dinner featured a tiny ass turkey on a large silver platter. we don't need to get into it right now, but it's all OBVIOUSLY all obama's fault. SOCIALISM! in trying times like these, it's important to appreciate the little that we have & live in the moment, enjoying every bit of what little we get for what it is. THESE ARE INSPIRATIONAL WORDS TO LIVE BY, PEOPLE.

take table talk pies. for almost a hundred years now, the worcester, ma-based company has been dispensing 4" & 8" pies to the good citizens of the u.s. & in doing so, they've ensured that, for under a dollar (for the 4" one), people can appreciate a few minutes with a relatively-edible mass-produced pie. for the pumpktoberfest season, they roll out their pumpkin pie & while i don't LOVE pumpkin pie, i couldn't resist the lure of a tiny, bodega-purchased one.

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spice up yer nuts.

when it comes to my nuts, i like to keep things spicy. give me a bunch of nuts coated up with copious powder flavor & i'm all good. i'm sure you fondly remember the inaugural year of this blog, when i declared blue diamond wasabi & soy sauce almonds to be my number one snack of the year. maybe your memory ain't that good, so you can only recall as far back as last year, when planters' five alarm chili peanuts came in at #4 on my year-end list. even with that nut love, until now the glorious pumpktoberfest season has been relatively nut-free.

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pumpktoberfest #42 - creepy ass kids.

film: hansel & gretel
beer: elysian hansel & gretel

loyal eat!drink!snack! followers! in normal years (like ANY other year but this one) pumpktoberfest ends PROMPTLY after october 31st. NOT THIS YEAR, FOOL! you see, this year i was SUPER LAZY & at the end of the month, when i was planning on dropping my final four pumpktoberfest gems on yo ass, a stupid mutha fuckin' hurricane came rolling through. call me "crazy" but during & especially right after that shizz, i wasn't exactly in the mood for blogging. i've decided to get back on the horse today though...so pumpktoberfest ends on november 10th this year! decades from now, when historians write about my blog, this'll be one of those sweet ass barry bonds-type asterisk years.

SO! next up on the pumpktoberfest docket is a wacked-out retelling of a classic german fairy tale, the 2007 korean horror film hansel & gretel. if you're not familiar with the classic hansel & gretel story, you're probably an ALF & the fringe team is being sent to your door post haste, but i'll fill you in while you await their arrival. as the tale goes, a brother & sister head out into the woods & come across a cabin inhabited by a cannabilistic witch. since they're kids & she's just a crazy witch living alone in a cottage in the woods & noshing on children, they're EASILY able to outsmart her & burn her in the oven. so yeah...it's TOTALLY a kids story.

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