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spice up yer nuts.

when it comes to my nuts, i like to keep things spicy. give me a bunch of nuts coated up with copious powder flavor & i'm all good. i'm sure you fondly remember the inaugural year of this blog, when i declared blue diamond wasabi & soy sauce almonds to be my number one snack of the year. maybe your memory ain't that good, so you can only recall as far back as last year, when planters' five alarm chili peanuts came in at #4 on my year-end list. even with that nut love, until now the glorious pumpktoberfest season has been relatively nut-free.

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HEY YOU! check out my fancy nuts.

if you're a food or drink company who wants to be taken seriously these days, there's no better way than to give your brand an EXTREME mascot. from john jameson to dig 'em to that dos equis prick to the king from the burger king ads (RIP), with an EXTREME mascot you can easily let consumers know that you've got attitude. you can scream at them, "HEY YOU! THIS BRAND IS F'N CAH-RAYZEE (buy it & eat it)." on that note, let me introduce you to the one & only lord nut levington & his fancy lord nut levington thai dyed peanuts.

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...a few lil' bites.

NOT DEAD! that's right. if you were wondering, with the radio silence that's occurred here at eat!drink!snack! over the past month & a half, whether the blog had finally gone the way of millions of other blogs before it & kicked the bucket, the answer is "no, virginia." NOT DEAD! as i tend to do every year, i burnt myself out on pumpktoberfest & along with the mid-november start of a new job, it just seemed like a good time to take a break in preparation for everything that i have planned for the new year. that's right...i have "things" planned. here are just a few lil' bites...

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man, the alarms.

man, i sure do like me some nuts. cashews, macadamias, almonds...all awesome. as for peanuts, they're the ol' standby nut & when i first crossed paths with a subway ad from the national peanut board telling me how friggin' awesome their nuts are for me, i was all "aw, nuts. that peanut marketing & promotion group has a point." after all, peanuts are both a healthy, tasty snack and one that can really do a number on a nerdy kid with a lame allergy.

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#193 - mid-year hype.

is it really that time of year again? you bet your sweet ass it is...it's time for my mid-year top five list of albums, accompanied by some sort of snack-drink list! for the past two years (2009, 2010), i've paired my top five albums with five snack-drink pairings that i'd planned on writing about but never got around to. this year, since i'm feeling slightly nostalgic, i'm changing it up a bit & pairing the top albums with the top five posts of all time on eat!drink!snack! isn't change exciting?

has it been a good year for music so far? it's been aight i suppose. while the list of bands who've put out albums is impressive, the quality of those albums is much less so. over the last six months, we've had lackluster new efforts from a bunch of bands i expected more from--the decemberists, arctic monkeys, tv on the radio, the strokes, art brut, deerhoof, destroyer, okkervil river & the beastie boys.

even with all these letdowns, there have been a bunch of good albums released thus far. the dodos, pains of being pure at heart, yuck, man man, bon iver, the kills & radiohead have all put out albums that are worthy of being in my top five. in the end though, there were just too many albums to cram into a top five, so i sort of leaned toward my current faves.

as a predictor, last year only one of the songs from my mid-year albums list ended up on my end of year "top ten songs" list. in the previous year, four of my favorite mid-year albums had songs on the 2009 end-of-year list. how will this year's mid-year albums fare? more importantly, how drastically will my mood change by the end of december? you'll just have to stay tuned for another six months to find out!...or you can skip the next six months of amazing blog posts & check back here in january if you want to be a jerk about it. but for now, here are the top five...

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