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les foodtrepreneurs #3: butter & scotch.

today on eat!drink!snack! we have the return of natthelibrarian, who's previously profiled a few nyc businesses here on the blog in her "les foodtrepreneurs" column. this time around, she's got a TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the ladies behind a BRAND NEW EATERY/DRINKERY!

i have some great news! there's an amazing new sweets and booze venture on the horizon and two of the most delicious ladies i know, allison kave and keavy blueher, are behind it. it's butter & scotch, soon to be the first craft cocktail and dessert bar in brooklyn!

both of these of these talented bakers have been profiled here for their individual businesses in the past. i've interviewed allison about first prize pies and keavy about kumquat cupcakery. i've also gone boozin' a time or two with these chicas, and they know their liquor as well as their sweets.

i recently sat down with them over some fancy cocktails on a blustery evening to discuss their new adventure and test one of their dessert prototypes (poor me).

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flea at laff #13: madécasse/dosa royal.

snack: madécasse pink pepper & citrus chocolate bar
drink: dosa royal mango lassai

oh hey! what do ya know? the brooklyn flea is back! although i severely neglected it last summer, this summer i've sworn to give it a lot more love. it's like...in the summer of 2010 i gave it its own column & shizz. then in 2011, while i made it to the flea a bunch, i only documented three of my trips. thing was, there came a point where i'd eaten my way through most of the food vendors & there wasn't all that much in terms of new stuff. luckily, this year there are a number of new booths in the mix. bon chovie...after being spurned from your anchovy-based delights twice at the smorgasburg last year, i will not be spurned again this summer. take notice.

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#194 - my last day of freedom.

mom. dad. hi. you've previously mentioned to me that you occasionally check out your favorite son's blog posts...even the ones on that website with a swear word in the name. that makes me extremely happy but in this case, i'd like to take this opportunity to suggest ahead of time that you skip this one. i mean, i wouldn't want you to think that i'm some sort of debaucherous lush or anything & when you're done reading, you probably will. sorry. i completely understand if you decide to go further though. after all, parents are pretty must just like kids, so when you tell them not to do anything, they usually do it out of pure curiosity. anyway, don't say that i didn't warn you.

...so after a calendar year that i was fully employed for about a quarter of, yesterday i started a new gig...one where i have to WEAR A TIE & report to work BEFORE 10AM. i know...OMG! for at least a half decade now, i've just slapped on a pair of jeans & rolled into work any time between 10am & 11am. yay, adulthood!

with my impending first day of work just three days away, on friday around 2pm i met up with an old friend (who will remain nameless) in midtown at lexington brass for a lil' "last free weekday" food & drink action.

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five questions: robicelli's.

over the past year or so, i've gone from cupcake hater to cupcake appreciator & one of the main reasons for that change in attitude is the cupcakes from brooklyn's robicelli's. run by the husband & wife duo of matt & allison robicelli, they've been distributing their cupcakes to various shops around the city for a while now & this past summer opened up a sweet-looking physical location in a shipping container at dekalb market. their cupcakes are creative & unique & the lineup is constantly changing. a cupcake with a piece of chicken on top? you've got it with their chicken n waffles cupcake. they've got not one but TWO sweet ptoato cupcakes on the schedule for november. nuff said. it doesn't hurt that they seem to be good people too. good people get my snack dollars.

earlier this month, on their oft-hilarious & less-oft-but-still-oft-poignant tumblr, allison declared that "matt will not stop until he’s created ONE BILLION MILLION PUMPKIN TYPE FLAVORS THIS FALL. or something of that nature." i'm not sure if that was a statement or a challenge but it intrigued me so a few days back i stopped by their booth at madison square eats (which is now closed for the season) to sample a few of their pumpkin cupcakes. bonus: allison was kind enough to answer a few pumpktastic questions for eat!drink!snack!

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a smorgasburg of pumpkins.

as i've mentioned a bunch of times in the past, three-quarters of the parow children now live in new york city, so we get together every once in a while. when we do, it's usually over food. last weekend, my doctor sister was celebrating her 35th 25th birthday so on a windy saturday the three of us & a few of the bro's pals met up in williamsburg at the god-awful hour of 11am to eat a bunch of food at brooklyn flea's smorgasburg market. it was the first time i'd returned to the market after visiting there for fucked in park slope back in may for its opening weekend. in preparation for our familial gathering, the bro had purchased three passes from gilt city that were each good for five entrees, a drink & a dessert, so we had some serious eating ahead of us. i, of course, was on the hunt for pumpktoberfest treats.

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