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les foodtrepreneurs #3: butter & scotch.

today on eat!drink!snack! we have the return of natthelibrarian, who's previously profiled a few nyc businesses here on the blog in her "les foodtrepreneurs" column. this time around, she's got a TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the ladies behind a BRAND NEW EATERY/DRINKERY!

i have some great news! there's an amazing new sweets and booze venture on the horizon and two of the most delicious ladies i know, allison kave and keavy blueher, are behind it. it's butter & scotch, soon to be the first craft cocktail and dessert bar in brooklyn!

both of these of these talented bakers have been profiled here for their individual businesses in the past. i've interviewed allison about first prize pies and keavy about kumquat cupcakery. i've also gone boozin' a time or two with these chicas, and they know their liquor as well as their sweets.

i recently sat down with them over some fancy cocktails on a blustery evening to discuss their new adventure and test one of their dessert prototypes (poor me).

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a tiny pie on every table.

let it be known: this pumpktoberfest was the most difficult one in recent memory. it wasn't just me. it's been difficult for all of us, a time akin to the life that tiny tim lived in cartoons, one where the sunday holiday dinner featured a tiny ass turkey on a large silver platter. we don't need to get into it right now, but it's all OBVIOUSLY all obama's fault. SOCIALISM! in trying times like these, it's important to appreciate the little that we have & live in the moment, enjoying every bit of what little we get for what it is. THESE ARE INSPIRATIONAL WORDS TO LIVE BY, PEOPLE.

take table talk pies. for almost a hundred years now, the worcester, ma-based company has been dispensing 4" & 8" pies to the good citizens of the u.s. & in doing so, they've ensured that, for under a dollar (for the 4" one), people can appreciate a few minutes with a relatively-edible mass-produced pie. for the pumpktoberfest season, they roll out their pumpkin pie & while i don't LOVE pumpkin pie, i couldn't resist the lure of a tiny, bodega-purchased one.

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WTF is the creme?

you like guest posts, right? well today we've got the THIRD EVER guest post from the eatinist bitch, who contributed a guest post on snacks & drinks in puerto rico to eat!drink!snack! last summer, drank pumpkin thangs for pumpktoberfest & made my 2011 top ten links & drinks list. i really need to buy her a beer or make her some brownies or something one of these days. enjoy!

even though i'm considered to be one with a great palate, i love trashy food. i try not to eat too much fast food any more (anything larger than a six-piece nugget and a small fry is a recipe for tummy disaster), but when i get a craving, i refuse to deny it.

this morning, i woke up with a raging craving for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a hashbrown lovingly tucked in the middle. it was well before the cutoff time for breakfast at mcdonald's, so i knew i could make it happen.

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foodvents #1: heinz-falutin'.

hey, so real quick...occasionally, i find myself at food events & eat a bunch of stuff & would love to give said gluttony a writeup now & again, but the tale doesn't usually fit into any of my existing columns. sayonora to that worry. the upside for you is that you get to enjoy this TOTALLY NEW, TOTALLY EXPERIMENTAL new column, where i go to food events & eat food & vent & yeah...FOODVENTS. [rim shot].

...so last week, i was kind of a high roller. i'm not really one who goes to press events & all but a kind blog buddy named amanda (read her blog yeah you're welcome or die, bitches) turned me on to a TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE heinz ketchup event going on in the city. i was all "hellz yeah. i love me some heinz ketchup." plus, eat!drink!snack! has NOT been giving ketchup its propers. three plus years & one ketchup post (about herr's ketchup chips) prior to this one? unacceptable. anyway. next thing i knew, it was an early evening on a thursday & i was knee deep in ketchup & ketchup-related items.

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les foodtrepreneurs #2: first prize pies.

photo by nick ferrari

the lovely allison kave bakes these gorgeous pies. i occasionally eat these pies, and i'm going to tell you about my two favorites!...and allison is going to tell you about her wonderful company, first prize pies.

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