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WTF is the creme?

you like guest posts, right? well today we've got the THIRD EVER guest post from the eatinist bitch, who contributed a guest post on snacks & drinks in puerto rico to eat!drink!snack! last summer, drank pumpkin thangs for pumpktoberfest & made my 2011 top ten links & drinks list. i really need to buy her a beer or make her a cake or something one of these days. anyway...enjoy!

even though i'm considered to be one with a great palate, i love trashy food. i try not to eat too much fast food any more (anything larger than a six-piece nugget and a small fry is a recipe for tummy disaster), but when i get a craving, i refuse to deny it.

this morning, i woke up with a raging craving for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a hash brown lovingly tucked in the middle. it was well before the cutoff time for breakfast at mcdonald's, so i knew i could make it happen.

as i waited to order, i was scanning the menu and pondering the addition of a fruit smoothie when i saw the poster. one of their featured items was their strawberry milkshake with whipped cream. nothing new. but sitting right next to the shake was a new spring treat: a strawberries and creme pie. above the pastry hovered the words: LIMITED TIME...also known as the two magic words that gluttons like me use as an excuse to add a pie like that to my order.

when i got my food, i didn't even wait to go home to take a look. i went right to a window seat and took a couple of pics.

this pie was a tiny bit skinnier than their apple pie. the pastry was a slight golden brown, and seemed to have a barely detectable glaze. instead of three horizontal air vents, only one vertical vent.

when i broke the pie open, there was a thick line of strawberry filling and a thick line of of slightly curdled looking white goop. the...creme.

now, i'm assuming that it's spelled that way because it doesn't contain any milk or cream.

guys...WTF IS THE CREME??? i realized if i kept thinking about this, i wouldn't eat it, and then i wouldn't have a post to write so i went home and i ate it.

the pastry: thin and flaky, almost delicate. the strawberry filling: jammy, yet tart. sort of like the innards of a toaster strudel. the creme filling: smooth. tastes vaguely like vanilla pudding, danish filling, and SOMETHING ELSE.

the more i ate, the more i realized what that something else was: a mcdonald's strawberry milkshake. the pie tastes EXACTLY like one of their milkshakes. i'm the kind of person who likes a pie to taste like a damn pie. obviously, i was spooked.

if curiosity gets the best of you, try the strawberries and creme pie, and let me know what you think. but, if you end up missing out of this "limited time" dessert, just order the strawberry milkshake...tastes exactly the same.

eatinist bitch hails from queens, NY and loves food almost as much as she likes to talk. she's been blogging since summer 2010 and is currently baking treats for robicelli's cupcakes in brooklyn. check out her blog and like her on facebook to get recipes, reviews, and other tasty nibbles.

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