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#163 - middling tradition.

wow. we're already more than halfway through 2010. how time flies when you're having a so-so time! last year around this time, i took a look at my fave five albums of the year & five snack/drink pairings that i'd planned on writing about but never got around to. this year, i've decided to do the same thing, officially creating a tradition of sorts here at eat!drink!snack!

thus far, it's been a relatively solid year for indie rock (which is about 80% of what i deal in) & there's still a lot to come, with albums from favorites such as no age, superchunk, black mountain, blonde redhead, les savy fav, the walkmen, !!!, interpol, the thermals, menomena & the arcade fire scheduled to come out over the next few months. it's safe to say that i'm EXTREMELY stoked about all that new music. that's right. i said "stoked."

without further ado, let's get to it...my indietastic mid-year top five!

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#145 - port traits - hey jerky!

in the first part of our four-part series on portland, oregon, i spoke to a bunch of reasons why i envision it as such a dreamy city, but i'm not kidding myself. i know just like with every other city in the world, it's no utopia. last year, business week rated it "america's unhappiest city." in fact, there’s a whole blog devoted to things about portland that suck..."wannabe suicide girls," street kids with pets/the people in pioneer square, panda express. according to the blog that is apparently the authority on all things sucky in portland, these are all things that suck about portland.

in addition, in portland's 150 years of existence it's definitely been home to a handful of jerks, folks who deserve a good caning or something. the most infamous resident from the last few decades is america's favorite kneecap-breaking figure skater, tonya harding, who was born there. same for nike's phil knight, whose company is the king of the sneaker industry & the king of labor abuses. rocker hag courtney love is a one-time oregonian & portland resident too, but don't even get me started on her.

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snackdown! - 1.15.10

as part of the ongoing changes here at eat!drink!snack!, this week, i'm introducing a new friday column...the snackdown! every friday, i'll be providing you with a rundown of my favorite snack/food/drink related stories from the week past. this week, we've got a contest for snacking genius, a ban on pork rinds, free cookies, salt chugging & predictions for 2010. enjoy!

  • on tuesday, brooklyn's ici hosted "the next big small brand contest for culinary genius," where bklyn batch craft jerky took home the people's choice prize for their "orange-ginger strips of smoke-cured, grass-fed beef" jerky & kombucha brooklyn won the judge's prize for their "pleasantly mild iteration of [their] fermented tea." personally, i'd vote for orange-ginger beef jerky over fermented tea any day of the week. (ny times)

  • lovers of authentic mexican pork rinds had their hearts broken this week when the u.s.d.a. announced that starting this thursday, pork rinds not accompanied by an official government certificate will be seized at the border. drug, gun & human traffickers who have always dreamed of getting into the food business rejoiced. (abc news)

  • since travel basically sucks these days, companies like doubletree hotels & midwest airlines are trying to ease the pain of travel by baking cookies & dispensing them to their customers. they've both been doing so for around a quarter of a century, but if there was ever a time in history that called for free cookies, it's now. (ny times)

  • yesterday, to protest nyc mayor michael bloomberg's latest health crusade--salt--awesome-hatted radio host curtis sliwa decided that it'd be a good idea to call bloomberg "the health care nazi" & then chug a bunch of morton's salt. the results...sodiumtastic hilarity! the "salt crackdown" segment starts just after the nine-minute mark. (ny1)

  • it's a new year & with that comes new food trends. "out with the cupcake in with the new," i like to say. the detroit free press looked at some possible trends for 2010, specifically the rise of "umami," the fifth taste. too bad that they misspelled it "unami" in the headline. i'm pretty sure nobody's going to reintroduce an extinct native american dialect in an effort to spice up the food world. (detroit free press)

#142 - tracks & snacks.

will you look at that! if you're reading this, that means that you've made it through 2009. congrats. i knew you could do it! well, not you, phil. frankly, your immortality is SHOCKING...but everyone else...i knew you could do it! since we're done with the living hell that was 2009 & already a week or so into 2010, i figured it was high time that i got on with putting together my year-end best of lists. at the end of 2008, i recapped my top ten albums, snacks & drinks of the year. this year, i'm going to keep in the same realm & offer up my top ten TRACKS & SNACKS OF 2009!

just like last year, since my main music obsession these days is mostly in the field of indie rock, all ten tracks on the list are by indie rockers. there are a ton of tracks that i could have included here, but we only have room for ten, folks. the first songs to get cut were those from other years, from miles benjamin anthony robinson's "buriedfed" to o.d.b.'s "got your money" to final fantasy's "this lamb sells condos."

from this year, there are a few honorable mentions. there's peaches' "serpentine" & morrissey's "something is squeezing my skull." in the hip hop world, there's the cool kids' "broadcasting live," vinnie scullo's "eyehearthiphop" & kid cudi's "pursuit of happiness" (with MGMT & ratatat). the last track to get cut from the list was animal collective's "my girls," which i listened to extensively for the first two months of the year before i just got plain sick of it & it fell out of favor. regardless, it still makes me happy when i hear it. so yeah...lots of good music this year. grab a snack & a drink, pull up a chair & let's get to my top ten tracks!

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nosh nook #170 - friday, november 6, 2009

liz hurley's guilt-free beef jerky (link)
11.6.09 - the guardian - by marina hyde

liz hurley...liz hurley. which one is she again? oh yeah. i remember now. british actress. she was hugh grant's girlfriend when he got caught with a prostitute back in 95. the one who's graced us with her acting skillz in two austin powers films & well, nothing else really. in fact, she hasn't acted in a film since 2006. instead, she's been spending her time posing for magazines & prepping for this month's launch of elizabeth hurley food, a company that grew out of the fact that she has a 400 ACRE FARM in the english countryside. she used to just use it "as her weekend home, somewhere (she) could escape to when she needed to get out of the city." must be nice. over time she decided to turn it into a farm & elizabeth hurley food was born.

the first products they're rolling out are a line of guilt-free snacks, led by a totally guilt-free beef jerky. like, if you have no real reason for being famous other than being hot & british, you don't have to feel guilty about it. as the guardian's marina hyde notes on her "lost in showbiz" blog, it's "the most ludicrous celebrity product of all time." i couldn't agree more. hurley's a ridiculously ludicrous celebrity. it's even more ludicrous that she now has a "naturally low calorie beef jerky" with her name on it.

hyde explains that the beef jerky goes on sale this week, featuring packaging with "a drawing of elizabeth lying on the ground in a black cocktail dress, kicking her bright-pink wellington boots coquettishly." since i couldn't say it better myself, i'd like to leave you with ms hyde's final thoughts on elizabeth hurley's beef jerky. "the product is billed as 'a guilt-free snack'...and yet, is it? is it really? is there not something about being the type of person who would spent £1.95 on a small dried meat snack purveyed by the star of passenger 57 that would engender the most debilitating feelings of shame and bad conscience in anyone?"