pumpktoberfest #43 -
treat yoself.

spice up yer nuts.

pumpktoberfest 2010!

#195 - links &
drinks 2011.


pumpktoberfest #37 - fear everything.

film: cape fear
beer: flying dog the fear imperial pumpkin ale

happy first...er...second day of our fourth annual pumpktoberfest everyone! though i've managed to be the worst slacker in the history of slack when it comes to regularly posting over the past months, pumpktoberfest is a special time of year, so i've got a WHOLE MONTH'S WORTH of pumpktastic posts lined up for you. get ready, world. you're about to get a heavy dose of horror films & pumpkin beers & snacks & the like.

to start off this pumpktoberfest, we've got the scorcese-directed 1991 remake of cape fear, a thriller starring robert de niro, nick nolte, jessica lange & a young juliette lewis. both de niro (actor) & lewis (supporting actress) were nominated for academy awards for their performances and nolte & lange both hold their own. it also features performances by gregory peck & robert mitchum, who played nolte & de niro's characters in the original. i vaguely remember enjoying it years ago but in going back & watching it, i enjoyed it quite a bit.

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#199 - jonesin'.

today is a time for rejoicing, eat!drink!snack! groupies. what you're currently reading is the 200th meditation i've written here on eat!drink!snack! you may be saying to yourself, "WAIT, JERK. WHY IS IT LISTED AS POST #199? WHAT UP WIT DAT?" well, sherlock holmes, it's meditation #200 because back in the semi-early days of the blog, i did a two-part post (#80a, #80b) about the two national semifinal games of the 2009 NCAA final four. yay, basketball. for our 200th post, we're going to talk about drugs. that's right...the funny stuff.

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#198 - pop rock.

in my college years, i transformed from a gangsta-rap-lovin' high schooler into an embracer of all things alt-rock, specifically music of the "grunge rock" variety. later in life, i moved onto "indie rock" & throughout, many of the artists that i've listened to were signed to sub pop records, the seattle-based label best known for putting out the first nirvana album. BEFORE nevermind. that's right, unhip losers. nirvana had an album called bleach a full two years BEFORE the "teen spirit" song took over MTV. said debut album was kinda good.

if the idea of "grunge music" makes you want to punch somebody in the face, you should probably aim your fist in sub pop's general direction.

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#197 - the end of the world as we know it.

way way back round the end of march, i received a film in the mail via netflix--the 2011 indie film bellflower. i discovered it after reading roger ebert's review & learning of its nomination for an independent spirit award and a full seventy-seven days after its arrival in my home, that same film is still here, preventing all the other films in my queue from coming my way. sorry, cedar rapids. i'll get to you soon! usually, when i hold onto a film for such a ridiculous amount of time, it's because i'm too busy to set aside two hours or because i'm a lazy ass & can't be bothered to press the "eject" button on my dvd player & watch it. in this case, other than the laziness, it's a whole other thing...

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WTF is the creme?

you like guest posts, right? well today we've got the THIRD EVER guest post from the eatinist bitch, who contributed a guest post on snacks & drinks in puerto rico to eat!drink!snack! last summer, drank pumpkin thangs for pumpktoberfest & made my 2011 top ten links & drinks list. i really need to buy her a beer or make her some brownies or something one of these days. enjoy!

even though i'm considered to be one with a great palate, i love trashy food. i try not to eat too much fast food any more (anything larger than a six-piece nugget and a small fry is a recipe for tummy disaster), but when i get a craving, i refuse to deny it.

this morning, i woke up with a raging craving for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a hashbrown lovingly tucked in the middle. it was well before the cutoff time for breakfast at mcdonald's, so i knew i could make it happen.

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