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#167 - mlb.

so, i've been watching what some people might describe as "an unhealthy amount of baseball" recently. i really don't know how it got this bad this quick, but for the past week or so, i've been getting home from work, flipping on the tv & settling in for hours upon hours of our national pastime. i've watched a few full games here & there, but most of the time i've been tuning in to mlb tonight live on the mlb network, where they bounce from one game to the next, only showing key/exciting moments. it's perfect for people like me with short attention spans. during my viewing, i've learned a few things about baseball in 2010:

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#159 - by the time i get to arizona (pt 2)

during the first two days of my trip to arizona to visit the sis, we tried something called "guacummus," paid a visit to a famous breakfast joint in phoenix & brewery in tempe, and mixed in some at-home snacking. over the final two days of the trip, we just kept on eating with a purpose.

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nosh nook #195 - sunday, december 13, 2009

baseball's war against hamburgers (link)
12.11.09 - wall street journal - by david biderman

batter up, bitchez! with only 67 days left until pitchers & catchers report to spring training & the baseball season officially gets under way, it's time for us to start getting excited so that by the time that the regular season starts on april 4th, we won't be able to contain ourselves. i'm an avid red sox fan & since last year didn't work out for us, i'm already intensely following baseball's winter meetings & off-season trade activity, hoping to see the red sox improve. so far, i have not been impressed. i guess they still have 67 days left to do something so i shouldn't rush them, but other teams are already busy improving themselves & i'm not just talking about big free agent signings & trades. i'm talking about MAJOR CLUBHOUSE FOOD OVERHAUL!

when many of the teams return for the 2010 season, they're going to notice some big changes in the clubhouse. according to the wall street journal, more so now than ever, teams are going nuts trying to fill their clubhouses with healthy food for the players & improve their diets. if you're a dodger, you get to go to arizona to attend a "six-day health-food boot camp." if you're on the phillies or rays, you may get to eat a lot of "quinona, teff and spelt" next season. good luck with that. overall, the drive for change is so strong that at the recent winter meetings, "major and minor league strength and conditioning coaches devoted 12 hours on saturday—about half of their total meeting time—to discussing matters such as including edamame and snow peas in the postgame buffet to whether teams should order 'fun size' candy bars rather than the odious regular-sized variety." that sounds like time well spent. they're probably sick of talking about steroids anyhow.

in the olden days, clubhouses would have "steak, french fries, omelettes, bacon, and at least one gigantic tub of ice cream." a few years back, you had rich garces & cecil fielder, but nowadays, baseball players are generally pretty phsyically fit, so i guess the clubhouse food overhaul is probably a side effect of the rampant steroid use. jim malone, the padres strength & conditioning coach, partially agrees. he told the journal that "more-stringent drug policies and potential problems with supplements...have forced players to be much smarter and more careful about what they put in their bodies. he also said that many younger trainers coming into baseball have been schooled in nutrition more than their older counterparts." no matter the motivation, at least teams are getting their players to eat healhy. i didn't see anything about the red sox in the article, but let's hope they're following the trend. based on their off-season action thus far, we may need all the help we can get.


nosh nook #162 - tuesday, october 27, 2009

cheesecakes vs cheese steaks (link)
10.26.09 - the ny times - by jennifer 8. lee

woo hoo! game one of the world series is tomorrow night! championship yeah! are you friggin pumped, philly? i wasn't on your side for any of those NBA conference finals back in the 80s, but i'm on your side this time! that's because you're taking on the yankees & those douche nozzles are my sworn enemies so i'm supporting you! their douchiness is your gain, phillies! fyi, it's the world series, so you need to use a bounty of exclamation points or you won't be taken seriously as a sports journalist! steve phillips, for instance, didn't use enough exclamation points. ha!

so yeah, go phillies. win your senators some cheesecake. according to the ny times, "if the yankees win the world series, new york senators charles e. schumer and kirsten e. gillibrand will get a supply of philly cheese steaks. if the phillies win, pennsylvania senators arlen specter and bob casey will win a supply of junior’s cheesecakes." maybe if the phillies win, junior's will throw in a free mouse for the PA senators! senator specter feeds on baby mice anyhow. well, at least he does if he still has room after eating a 543 calorie, 37g of fat slice of junior's cheesecake. surprisingly, that's actually less than his state's cheese steak, which has 690 calories & 29g of fat.

as the times points out, the best part about the whole world series wager is that senator gillibrand "was just railing against obesity monday morning at a rachael ray event." maybe it's just a friendly wager & we shouldn't look into it that much, but maybe gillibrand's PR people should coordinate her messages better? if they did, glen caplin (her chief spokesman) wouldn't have to call back the times & utter the words, "the senator believes in everything in moderation, except winning world series titles." um, nice save glen but GO PHILLY! BACK 2 BACK!


nosh nook #153 - wednesday, october 14, 2009

cracker jack: the seventh-inning snack (link)
10.13.09 - the ny times - by john branch

it's been a few years since i've taken myself out to the ball game & it's been even longer since i've bought me some peanuts & cracker jack whilst in such a setting. apparently i didn't care if i ever got back...to a ball game that is. in recent times, i haven't picked up a box of cracker jack outside of a ballpark setting either. it may be "the original snack mix" & may have celebrated its 100th birthday last year, but i'm a crunch n munch guy all the way. i do have to give the snack credit though. it's sold at every major league baseball stadium & has remained a popular ball game snack for quite some time now, largely aided by its inclusion in the lyrics to "take me out to the ball game."

in yesterday's ny times, john branch took a look at the long time game time snack & examined where it is today, in an age where pretty much every year, a couple teams open a new, modern ballpark filled with quirky throwback junk & fancy new concession menus. branch notes that "baseball fans can buy rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) in denver, crab cakes in baltimore, cheese steaks in philadelphia and fish tacos in san diego." you've been able to get an "ichi-roll" (named after the right fielder) at seattle's safeco field for years now. with options like that, why bother with stupid cracker jack?

kevin haggerty (the aramark guy who oversees fenway's concessions) puts it this way. "it does still have relevance. it's part of the ballpark experience. it is still a good snack. it sells well. it holds its place in the sales mix. and it's in the song." haggerty uses the word "it" a lot, but i guess he knows what he's talking about. fenway sells 1000 bags (bags? wha?) of cracker jack at each game. in the real world, cracker jack actually trails crunch n munch in terms of sales ($22.8M to $17.6M for the year ending 9/6), but for now, as long as they don't change the lyrics to "take me out to the ball game," i think they're going to be ok. they're owned by frito-lay after all & those dudes have a stranglehold on the sports snacking environment as it is, based on their promotion of doritos alone. plus, if a ballpark ever did something stupid like try to switch to crunch n munch, fans would rebel...well, at least the stupid yankees ones would.