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let it snow? f that.

in my wise 446 months of existence, i've lived a solid eight of them outside of the northeast region. as a result, i've seen my fair share of snow...& i sort of hate it. yes, i'm from nh but i don't know how to ski or snowboard or iceskate. i've never seen a yeti. my family at no point owned a snowmobile, but i did ride on one once. while i definitely loved playing in the snow as a kid (see: blizzard of '78), i'm over it now. i guess i should just shut my face & move somewhere without snow but, the way i figure it, with the whole global warming thing it's probably better just to wait it out. eventually, the earth'll be too hot for it to snow on the east coast anyhow.

case in point: unless you count the rold gold peppermint dipped snowflakes that my mom donated to the eat!drink!snack! cause, there wasn't crap for snow when i went home this past xmas. sure they've had a little snow up there these past few months but c'mon now. more like WINTER WONDERBLAND! i mean, we haven't got a single ridiculous, city-paralyzing storm this season. wassup with dat, momma nature? GLOBAL WARMING IN THE HIZZOUSE. dat's wassup. anyway, enough about snow. what am i, the friggin weather channel? let's talk about these peppermint dipped snowflakes for a sec. as you can tell from the below photo, no two snowflakes are alike.

i first laid eyes on these snackable snowflakes way back in early november in a junk food guy review & i honestly didn't know what to think. i don't deal well with change. while i'll consume chocolate covered pretzels til the cows come home, white fudge isn't really my cup of tea. while i like peppermint, adding it to the white fudge coating sounded a little strange to me. y'know what though? it works & it works damn well. the flavor comes from peppermint oil, which appears to be dispersed throughout the snowflake in lil' red dots but in reality is just part of the white fudge coating. TRICKERY! anywho, combining the subtle coolness of the peppermint with sweetness of the white fudge & the saltiness of the pretzel works quite well.

don't get me wrong. i'll choose a chocolate covered pretzel over these any day of the week. i couldn't eat a whole bag of the peppermint snowflakes like i could (& have) with chocolate covered pretzels but still, they're a remarkable snack invention. unfortunately though, from what i can tell, these are just a winter thing. LAME. sure, i suppose having snowflakes in the summer is silly but did rold gold really have to go & be a bunch of cock teases like those shamrock shake peddling jerks at mcdonald's? c'mon rold gold. gimme XMAS IN JULY or some stupid marketing slogan like that. thanks in advance.

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