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and the tacos will set you free.

sometimes you'll want tacos. then, sometimes you'll want tacos again. then again, at other times, for reasons that you just can't psychologically or nutritionally explain, the only thing you'll want to eat every day without fail for a week straight is tacos. over the course of that week, you might have an occasional falafel sandwich or bowl of granola & chobani, but a solid 90% of your meals will be tacos.

you will not be ashamed.

none of your tacos will be breakfast tacos. you'll have potato, chorizo, chicken mole, carne asada & korean tacos & you'll wake up late & stay up late & fuel yourself with tacos for a few weeks straight. mostly all of your tacos will come from oaxaca.

one night, you'll watch a bug crawl up your wall but it will be ok because you live in BROOKLYN & you have tacos & after all, it's the sort of bug that supposedly kills all other bugs & who needs a cat when you have that bug scurrying about & a plate full of tacos?

you will not be ashamed.

another day, you'll wake up too early in the morn & do theater-related things for a few hours although you know nothing about theater-related things & that afternoon you'll be in the east village & you'll strain to remember where the fuck "extra place" is & you'll know it's close & you can get tacos before you head back to brooklyn, so you bring up the google map in your brain & find it. on that very same night you'll be home & you'll decide that taking an hour-plus round trip ride on the train to park slope will give you an opportunity to blog brainstorm & will also help you get tacos & beer. you'll (hopefully) eventually be extremely happy with that decision for reasons beyond tacos.

on this particular night, you'll get a pair of oaxaca's korean tacos. when you get home, there will be no hop crisis because you have a hop crisis. you'll get a perfect idea for a taco-related domain name. you'll decide to sleep on it. oh! there goes that scurrying bug up the wall again! with hearty bites you'll eat the bulgogiesque korean tacos with their tasty sauce & watch back-to-back episodes of seinfeld & as the "yadda yadda yadda" episode fades into this week's episode of louie, you'll be happy that you have korean tacos because the ingredients will kinda remind you of ACTUAL korean ingredients. the kimchi will be kinda pungent. you won't even care that the tacos don't come from korilla.

as you mow down taco brown & watch critic & comedian approved comedy programming, louis CK will sorta spar with dane cook about past differences & as you've been contemplating your past but faded appreciation of dane cook & the realization that louis CK is currently your favorite hometown-area comic, you'll put down your korean taco for a brief moment & think. then you'll realize that louis CK is clearly the better boston-area comedian & you'll polish off the last of your korean tacos...and the tacos will set you free.

...or maybe it will be me who all that stuff happens to.

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