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the musical fruit: movement #15.

the musical fruit: movement #15.
song: "date with IKEA," pavement
fruit: dates

the indie rock world sure has had their fair share of respectable reunions over the past decade. with the pixies & my bloody valentine & the jesus lizard & slint & mission of burma & polvo reunions out of the way, indie rock scientists turned their attention to one of the most hoped for ones over the past few years--pavement--who dissolved back in '99 after years of rocky relations between band members. last week, the indie rock nerds got their wish, as pavement announced that they'd be playing a gig in central park an entire year from now. that show sold out in two minutes & they ended up announcing three more shows, two of which have already sold out. in their time together, they put out five full-lengths & for the most part they were all damn solid, although i prefer the first three over the last two. i want to be excited about the reunion, but have been so indifferent to lead singer steve malkmus' solo albums that i suppose it sort of brought my love of pavement down a notch. i'm working on that.

their fourth album, brighten the corners, is probably my least favorite of theirs (wowee zowee's #1), but "date with IKEA" (the fourth song off of it) is up there as one of my favorite pavement songs. it was one of two songs on the album that were written by guitarist scott kannberg, the only two on the album not written by malkmus. it's a quick two-and-a-half minute rocker with slightly nonsensical lyrics & a nice quick solo, all attributes that make me love their first three albums so much. i guess other people felt the same love for the song because when matador records re-released brighten the corners at the end of last year as brighten the corners: nicene creedence edition, they ran a contest where one lucky fan won a $500 shopping spree at the red hook IKEA with pavement's jack-of-all-trades bob nastanovich. the girl who won won because all she had was a suitcase & an air mattress. i guess she deserved it.

i've got a date with dates tonight. in fact, i've been having a lot of dates with the dates recently. sure, i bring along cracker & apple & sweet sweet goat cheese most of the time, but the important thing is that we've been spending a lot of time together these days. i even spent some time this afternoon all alone with dates, just the two of us at my desk working hard at making sugary sweet tweens happy through the magic of sugary sweet pop. these particular dates came from brooklyn's terrafina foods. ever since i first picked some up early last month (btw, i still haven't got a human date from that post, ladies) along with goat cheese & crackers, they've become a fixture in my kitchen. it blows my mind that they're a fruit but they're so darn sugary. i LOVE sugar.

as far as dates go, i LOVE them, but i don't LOVE THEM LOVE them. a man can't live on sugar alone. i mean, we have some really great times together & i don't want to sound like i can't be a monogamist or something, but things are better when it's me, dates & some goat cheese. i have trouble being exclusive with dates. i love them & all, but they're just better when i spread cheese on them. there. i said it. i like my dates more if they have goat cheese on them. it's public record now & they're just going to have to accept the fact that they have to work together with goat cheese for my pleasure...& why shouldn't they? just look at how well it worked out for french fry & ranch dressing.

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