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nosh nook #185 - saturday, november 28, 2009

man finds 4.5 pound egg in the woods (link)
11.26.09 - WSAZ (WV) - via the a.p.

oh the joy of discovery! you know what i'm talking about. i'm talking about that joyous aha moment where you learn something & from that moment on, your world is changed. for instance, yesterday i discovered that i was more interested in sleeping until 3pm & drinking for the rest of the day, so for the second friday in a row, i wasn't up for tending to this here blog. still, i did manage to work about 50 PBRs & sweet karaoke versions of "kiss me deadly" & "white wedding" into my day & in doing so, discovered that my drunken karaoke skillz are pretty much unparalleled.

this past week in clendenin, WV (a town of about 100 people in the central part of the state) a man made a little discovery of his own. according to WSAZ, that man, sherman farley, was out in the woods hunting when he came across a 4.5 pound egg just chilling out in the middle of the woods. it was a rather odd discovery as "state naturalist jim phillips says there's no animal native to the state that lays eggs that big." a local ostrich & emu farmer thinks that it's probably an ostrich egg, but it was found three miles away from his farm & none of his birds have escaped, so like ostriches & emus, that explanation doesn't fly. regardless, "farley plans to keep it as a souvenir, although he'd still like to know what it is."

if i was him, i would have brought that egg back to my house, sat on it for a spell to see what hatched out of it & BAM!...mystery solved and instant pet. if he still wants to know where the egg came from, that's the only logical way to actually figure out its origin. it may just be from an ostrich or emu, but it also could be something totally awesome like an egg from a tyrannosaurus rex or an elephant. i'm assuming farley's not going to go the sitting on the egg route though, so i guess we'll just have to chalk it up as another west virginia oddity...just like their chili & slaw-covered hot dogs.

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